Tomorrow will bring another day

I think, the hardest lesson for Man to learn,

is when it comes to an understanding. About a condition that affects his equals.

A condition.

That has not yet been awarded a name.

For many ignore its existence.

For many ignore having been touched by it.

For it does not change the colour of your skin.

grows blisters on your body or causes you to lose a limb. It is rather a sickness of the spirit.

It touches you without you ever knowing.

Gently depriving you of all senses and values.

Dehumanising you.

As you smoke your cigarette,

or take your morning coffee.

Blinking at the sight of suffering.

As you pay your tax or fare.

Or make love to the one you care. Avoiding all thoughts of an outside world.

Dehumanising you.

As the Earth slowly rotates over itself. Three hundred and sixty-five days a year.

Occasionally even slower.

Three hundred and sixty-six days a year. And in the end.

Without giving consent. An operation took place.

And you’ve reached the lowest of all ends.

An unconscious limit.

You became senseless.

As you take your morning coffee, your cigarette, as you pay your tax or fare.

Make love to the one you care.

An apparent peace. Invades you.

You do not blink.

For there isn’t any sight of suffering anymore.

People exist. As they are supposed to exist. Like you do. And tomorrow.

Tomorrow will bring another day.


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